Calavian forte-

A highly Concentrated Source of Chelated Calcium for better results
Liquid concentrated feed supplement of Calcium,Vitamin D3,B12 & Iron


  • Maximum bioavailability Calcium
  • Less Quantity required for faster mixing
  • Clear solution Prevents sedimentation during feeding through nipples
  • Faster Growth better body weight
  • Higher Egg Production & improved quality
  • Helps rickets osteomalacia
  • Stunted growth & leg weakness
  • In the Health Betterment of the Young Calves,
    sheep, goat and Early Lactating Cattles.
  • It helps to boost the strength and and milk production in milking animals

  • Usage & Administration

    Through drinking water for 100 birds

  • Chicks.........................2ml daily
  • Growers & Broilers......4ml daily
  • Layers & Breeders.....10ml daily
   or as directed by Veterinarian/consultant

        Vitamins premix ,poultry,broiler premix

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