Compfeed-B Broiler Feed premix

Compfeed-B (Broiler premix) It is a pre-mix powder for oral administration through feed. It contains vitamins and minerals essential for various physiological functions. Thus Compfeed-B is an ideal premix for optimum growth and production. This product is also known as broiler premix,Vitamins mineral mixture,weight gainer and growth promoter.


  • Compfeed Broiler premix is advised to be added to broiler feed to prevent and control vitamin A, B, D3, K3, E, C and mineral deficiencies in poultry.
  • No undesirable side effects in recommended usage
  • Formulated for easy mixing in the feed.
  • No withdrawal symptom.

Usage & Administration

Regular-usage:2.5kg per ton of broiler feed to be used for 22days till market Or as directed by vaterinarian

             broiler premix,Vitamins premix

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