Poultry Gout Medicine and Kidney Fresher

Poultry Gout Medicine

“Urocid” is an excellent poultry medicine for renal disorders and gout disease. Gout is a disorder in which crystal or stones are accumulated in kidneys and affects health and kidney function. Uric acid is an end product of protein and it is generally excreted from kidneys. To breakdown of uric acid enzymes is used as it is insoluble in water and when birds lack in enzymes “Uricase” there is no further breakdown of uric acid and it started accumulating in kidney in the form of stones or crystals. In order to cure this diseases Urocid is used as it is a combination of sodium hydrogen, carbonate ammonium chloride, vitamin C, citosodine & halite which helps in the breakdown of these stones.

  1. Acidifies urine and helps dissolving kidney stones dissolved and preserve the renal mass function.
  2. Prevents urinary deposits and haemorrhages microlesion .
  3. Give relief from renal inflammation caused by toxins .
  4. Prevents and control nephrosis and chick nephropathy.
  5. Urocid helps the birds to overcome various stress conditions and help normal functioning of kidneys.
Usage & Administration
For Breeders
For Prevention of Gout (100 Birds)
    Breeders: 3ml-5ml/100 Birds/Day for 3-5 Days .
For Control of Gout
    Breeders: 5ml-10ml /100 Birds/Day for 5-7 Days.
    Mild Infection: 1ml-2ml/7Kg of bird weight.
    Severe Infection: 1ml-2ml/5kg of bird weight.