Anfacid - Poultry Toxin Binder

A powerful toxin binder for feed & watter It binds the toxin in the feed and sanitize the drinking water of poultry


  • Binds the toxins and mould in feed effectively.
  • Pathogenic bacteria in gut are controlled by Anfacid.
  • Prevents the outbreaks of diseases.
  • Controls the pH of water thus improving its quality.
  • Stimulates the liver for better digestion and absorption of feed nutrients.
  • Improves renal function and purifies blood.
  • Usage & Administration

  • Take the recommended quantity of Anfacid Liquid and pour the same in the feed mixer gently during feed preparation
  • In drinking water : 1ml./1litre of water 5-7 days each month.
  • In feed: 250-500 ml/metric ton of feed continuously.
  •    or as directed by Veterinarian/consultant

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