Vitamino Liquid-A Unique Combination of A,D3,E,C


  • Highly stable & bio-available vitamins.
  • Complete disperision in water to ensure higher bioavailability.
  • Ensures proper digestion & metabolism
  • Better growth,Increased Egg & meat production,Quality of Egg shells.
  • Stress reliever in various indication.
  • Helps in condition of encepphalomalacia.
  • Helps in Muscular dystrophy
  • Usage & Administration

  • Growers & Broiler:-3 to 5ml per L
  • Layers:5ml to 7ml per L
  • Chicks:-2 to 3ml per L
  • (For a week of every month regularly in drinking water)

             Poultry Health Tonic,Poultry Growth Promoter

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