Hepaset- liver tonic

A combination for hepatic disorders that optimises liver functions prevents and corrects fat deposits. Carnitine - Facilitates lipid oxidation aids in removal of short and medium chain fatty acids. B12 – Assist in metabolic processes helps in formation of red blood Cells, Stimulates protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Mg – Constituents of enzymes involved in synthesis and metabolism Of carbohydrate, lipids and proteins. Sorbitol – Acts as osmotic laxative to facilitate elimination of toxic products of G.I tract. Hepaset is useful in Liver disorder, .


  • It is a blend of Carnitine & Choline in Sorbitol Base.
  • Hepaset is dietetic liquid supplement, formulated to correct L.carnitine deficiencies and associated disorders in fatty acid metabolism.
  • It stimulates proper fat utilization and energy metabolism in Poultry.

Usage & Administration:

  • 1ltr per 2000ltr of drinking water For 5-7 Days.
  • or as directed by Veterinarian/Consultant

              Poultry Liver Tonic,Poultry Medicines

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