Feton-Iron tonic with chelated minerals & Vitamins


  • Increases the blood formation by improvement of haemoglobin in blood.
  • Enhanced hatchability.
  • Enhanced egg production
  • Reduced FCR.
  • Enhanced body growth.
  • Iron is a principal ingredient which support in maintained red blood cells.
  • Chelated copper help in absorption of iron as well as development & maturation of red blood cells
  • Folic acid helps in growing red blood cells
  • Cobalt chloride help in CHO,protein,fat metabolism and support in anemic conditions.
  • Vitamin D3 help in absorption of calcium
  • Vitamin B12 help in normal growth and feathering
  • Vitamin H help in feather losses and fatty liver,kidney syndrome

    usages & Administrations

  • Poultry- per 1000 Birds
  • Chicks 50ml
  • Growers 100ml
  • Broiler 150ml
  • Growers layer 100ml
  • Layers 150ml
  • Breeder 200ml
  • Or as per recommended by Nutritionist/Veterinarian

Animal Health and Nutrition

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